Context and Milestones

Posted on March 15, 2012

Yesterday, my close friend Naomi pledged $2,000 on our Kickstarter campaign, which I am still stunned speechless about. We’ve known each other since college, and she has always been supportive of my creative endeavors. Long story short, I’m very touched by the pledge, and I will do everything I can to make sure her faith in me is rewarded after all is said and done. So again, THANK YOU, NAI!

We are now roughly halfway to our $15,000 goal, and halfway through our campaign. The support has been phenomenal, with all sorts of people from my past contributing. As it stands right now, at least one person from every school I attended (including preschool) has pledged, and at least one person from every job I’ve had in LA has pledged. Clearly, there is definitely an advantage to working on a project for five years!

Still, there are 28 days ago, so if you can, please pledge and help make I Hate You happen!

We have new videos since the last time I posted.

Some people have asked if we just make this stuff up as we go along, but there is a story behind many of these videos. Even the silliest have some resonance.  For example…

How to Say Karaoke – Growing up in Hawaii, I’d always look down on the haole tourists who said “karey-okee,” and my move to LA didn’t make matters better.  I feel like people that ignorant should be punished, and that is why this video was made.

Fucka Yu – I spent 2009-2011 working at what was probably the worst office job I ever had.  Due to the recession, however, we couldn’t exactly quit and move elsewhere.  As they say, adversity brings people together, so as I befriended some of my co-workers, we started trading playful insults to pass the time.  One of my favorites was from my friend Lucas, who actually provides the voiceover here.  It got to a point where we all addressed each other in horrible Japanese businessman accents, and had no shame in telling our clueless managers to “fucka off.”

The Infamous Gay Midget Joke – While shooting the trailer for I Hate You in November 2010, I’d always ask if anybody knew of a dirty joke to keep spirits high.  My cinematographer, “Filthy” Bill Otto, came up with this one, which is actually neither filthy nor offensive, but still gets a good laugh.  What you see here is actually an outtake that we decided was better than what we wrote for the video.

I Hate Brad Kageno – Believe it or not, I actually wrote the script for this video, and I think anybody who knows me finds it all too familiar to be funny.  As for the bit at the very end, yes, that footage has mysteriously gone missing, and it will probably never see the light of day.  MWAHAHAHAHA!

The Worlds Worst Asian

Posted on March 02, 2012

Pardon the lack of an apostrophe in the title.  For some reason, search engines aren’t exactly kind to apostrophes.  That said, our latest nonsense:  The World’s Worst Asian.